Rising costs of education


Decreased state funding

50 paid

Over 50% paid tuition allocated to financial aid

student debt

Student debt over $1.5 Trillion

access to funding

Access to funding not universally available

student evaluation

Outdated current methods of student evaluation

How we can crack the code together

Share a fixed portion of your earnings for a predetermined period of time and enjoy industry leading safeguards and savings.


Foundations, trusts, endowments, non-profits, institutions of higher education, financial institutions, businesses and the community - all have a vested interest in ensuring the opportunity to attain higher education is available and beneficial for all.


Big data, machine learning, marketplace, statistics, data science - represent just some of the instruments, tools and techniques enabling VNDE to challenge conventional means of underwriting risk management for young adults, ergo financing higher education.

How we can crack the code together

What VNDE does

Provides student-focused marketplace for financing higher education

VNDE is a marketplace that leverages big data and machine learning tools and techniques to optimally match prospective students and grantors with an income sharing agreement. This enables students...... on your mission.

You provide capital

Always 100% allocation to funding students tuition

vnde trains and improves model

Every student sponsored is data gathered each year via our ML-based algorithm

Automated Transparency

Receive in real time your student tranche enrollment and employment status as well as pay-it-forward revenues


  • 1

    You allocate capital/funds to VNDE

    100% allocation to students with no VNDE admin fees. Set restrictions on who can and cannot receive vnde and enjoy full transparency into which students are provided VNDE.

  • 2

    VNDE allocates funds to students in return for an Income Share Agreement (ISA)

    Students take VNDE assessment that is analyzed by VNDE algorithm which determines acceptance and sets options for ISA terms. Students select between short and long term ISA as well as link enrollment and employment status.

  • 3

    Select ISA Terms

    Select your preferred income sharing agreement terms from the options provided.

VNDE values

VNDE allocates 100% of sponsor funding to students while operating with capital raised privately from angel investors and venture capitalists.

Partnership Opportunities

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student support services

Student Support Services

This includes on-campus and community resources as well as other public and private benevolance.



vnde provides in-house mentorship and nidges students towards reputable 3rd party mentors such as S.C.O.R.E. mentors.



A requirement for students, vnde understands the importance of real world experience.

study abroad assistance

Study Abroad Assistance

Unfamilar places brings out the best in us, that's why vnde encourages all students to student abroad for at least one semester

algorithm amelioration

Algorithm Amelioration

vnde's model is under continuous improvement and we are always seeking out better tools and techniques.

financial indepdendence

Financial Indepdendence

Your contribution helps us provide financial independence and a brighter future to deserving young adults.

Our Promise

Vnde will remain relentless in our pursuit to ensure the opportunity to attain higher education is beneficial and available for all.

student focused

Perpetually a student-focused marketplace with ever improving Student Safeguards

100 funds

100% of your funds are invariably allocated to providing wherewithal, vnde, for students.

selection process

Continual transparency in our model, selection process, and operations


P: +1 404 406 1854

Please inform us of your interest in becoming a sponsor by dropping us a line. Include where you're from - institutionally and geographically - and we'll continue the conversation within 24 hours !