Mindfully made for the 99%

Institutions of higher education see costs rise and funding fall while financial institutions continue to profit off antiquated means of student evaluation; in short, today's system is untenable. VNDE supports young Americans unalienable right to pursue happiness - thus an education - without undue burden by focusing on the student and big data; leveraging a multitude of different data points to better predict future success passing along the savings to the students.

What Drives Us

Math says the brightest people on earth aren't rocket scientists or physicists, but are among us in everyday life. It's high time to ignite opportunity for all.

Inclusive Opportunity

Educational attainment is an unalienable right and wherewithal will no longer be a hinderance.

Universal Benefit

Financing higher education will be beneficial for all, not just for the financers.

Human Potential

For those without the financial means to those shunning tens of thousands of dollars in debt, vnde believes in a better way to realize the best in ourselves.

Meet the Makers

Kyle Cornelius

Kyle Cornelius

Founder and CEO

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